Barco Sim 5W



Barco’s SIM 5W projector combines a full WUXGA resolution with Barco’s unique multi-channel optimizations to create a sharp, seamless picture, no matter how many channels.Multiple channels, one seamless imageThe SIM 5W comes equipped with unique, Barco-engineered technology for multi-channel set-ups:• Electronic or optical edge blending creates one continuous image across the entire screen, without blurry overlap zones, thanks to new alpha and beta planes• Linked constant light output (CLO) and constant contrast dimming (CCD) equalize brightness levels across the entire display system• Linked DynaColor technology ensures perfect color matching between channels• Bi-cubical warping (geometry correction) ensures that an image is projected correctly, with an extremely high level of accuracy, across curved, non-flat surfacesCompatibility with XDS Control Center software suiteBarco’s SIM 5W can be integrated with Barco’s multi-windowing XDS Control Center software suite. It supports both single and two-channel setups.Minimum maintenance needs, maximum uptimeBarco’s compact SIM 5W is a perfect fit in any environment that requires a projection system with little maintenance needs. The SIM 5W ’s sealed optical engine prevents dust from entering its core and degrading image quality. Its dual-lamp system ensures uninterrupted uptime in case one lamp should go out, minimizing both service needs and downtime, and extending its system lifetime to a great degree.

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